Baby Nurse Services

baby nurse must draw on a variety of experiences and education to provide quality care for your newborn baby while helping to educate parents and establish routines and schedules for the newborn,, allowing parents to relax and enjoy their new family.

A baby nurse can make your transition into your role as a parent smoother and help you ease any anxieties or worries you may have regarding the care of your newborn. A baby nurse understands the postpartum phase of pregnancy and can support a mother through this transitional period. You’ll be reassured by having someone on hand to help you care for your newborn baby, to help educate you and assist with any problems or concerns you may have.

Baby Nurse Services include:

  • Breastfeeding support and assistance
  • Bottle preparation, sterilization and feedings
  • Laundry care, diaper changes, sponge baths
  • Maintenance and organization of the baby’s nursery
  • Establishment of feeding schedules
  • Establishment of sleeping schedules
  • Guidance and education for parents to care for their newborn baby
  • Resource and guide for troubleshooting and parental concerns
  • Focused and professional care for the newborn baby

Will I Need a Baby Nurse or Newborn Care Specialist?

Whether your newborn baby is healthy or facing medical conditions upon discharge from the hospital, a baby nurse or newborn care specialist can provide new parents with a wealth of professional experience and knowledge. She can assist you by monitoring your baby, providing experienced and professional care and helping identify problems to ease the concerns of a first-time parent. The comfort and reassurance of having a professionally trained and knowledgeable newborn care specialist on hand can be very beneficial to a first time parent.

What are the responsibilities of a Baby Nurse or Newborn Care Specialist?

The primary role of a baby nurse or newborn care specialist is to assist and provide care for the newborn baby during the first few weeks, or recovery period, of your baby’s life. A baby nurse transitions, educates and supports parents to care for the newborn and to help the family establish a practical routine that allows new parents to feel comfortable and settled into their roles.

Nighttime, or 24-hour, baby nurses generally sleep in the baby’s room or in a nearby guest room to manage the baby’s care while you sleep restfully through the night. When the baby is awoken, the baby nurse will care for the baby by taking care of its needs. She will bottle-feed or bring the baby to its mother for breastfeeding, and, after feeding, she will take care of burping the baby and diaper changes before settling the baby back to sleep.

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