Live-in Nannies Miami

Hiring a live-in nanny may be a wonderful option if you are looking for full-time, in-home childcare. Live-in nannies can help your children get off to school in the morning, greet them when they finish their school day and take them to practice and play dates. They can also make your evening comfortable and positive by encouraging your children to establish good study habits and proper hygiene.

When you hire a live-in nanny, you are creating a personal bond that involves you and your children. It may take some time to make everything work and to see the real benefits of having a full-time, in-home childcare provider to help you bring up your children.

Before the interviewing process, outline in detail the schedule you will need your nanny to follow and exactly what role you expect your nanny to fill. These should be laid out in detail in the nanny’s work agreement. To find the right person for the job, you will have to be both honest and realistic in your expectations of what duties you think live-in nannies should handle. Negotiate a fair salary and make sure that your potential live-in nanny is comfortable with the housing arrangements you plan to provide.

One important thing to remember when you are looking for a live-in nanny is that you are not hiring a housekeeper or a personal assistant. That is, of course, unless you specify that you are interested in hiring someone willing to fill more roles than in-home childcare itself. In this case, you may want to look specifically for live-in nannies who are also housekeepers. Either way, Total Care Staffing is here to help you meet your needs.

When you hire a live-in nanny, you are hiring a dedicated childcare professional. Live-in nannies may hold a degree in early childhood education, be healthcare professionals, or be experienced nannies who have decided to make a career out of bringing up children. For a talented, creative individual, working as a provider of in-home childcare is a challenging and rewarding career.

Make sure that your home is ready to welcome someone offering full-time, in-home childcare. Your nanny will need living quarters that are adequate and private and you must be willing and able to give your nanny privacy during off-hours. You should also negotiate a fair work agreement that includes rules for overtime, time off, vacation and on-call hours. Most live-in nannies will expect two consecutive days off a week.

If you want your live-in nanny to function as a nanny housekeeper and perform duties beyond in-home childcare, such as light cleaning, meal preparation, running errands or helping you with at-home office duties, make sure that your nanny has enough time —without the kids aren’t around — to finish the tasks you expect of them. And, although overtime rates do not apply to a live-in nanny, your nanny should be given extra compensation for overtime or extra work.

A live-in nanny is not only a talented caregiver, but should also be a family friend for life. Be fair and honest with your nanny. From working out the work agreement to watching your children grow together, it is extremely important to build a trusting relationship with your live-in nanny — one that will last a lifetime.

Live – Out Nannies

About 92% of nannies working in the United States are live-out nannies, or nannies who do not live with the family for whom they work. The general duties of a live-out nanny are similar to those of a live-in nanny. Live-out nannies should also be compensated for any extra time worked or babysitting done outside of regular working hours.


Whether they are live-in or live-out, nannies are generally responsible for all aspects of childcare during their working hours. Transporting a child to after-school activities or play dates, helping a child with homework, arranging and supervising play time activities for a child and taking a child to do outside activities are all common duties of a nanny. Doing the child’s laundry and preparing a child’s meals may also be the responsibility of a nanny.


Full-time nannies are usually paid a strict weekly or bi-weekly salary. Salaries vary based on your location.

Average National Nanny Salaries
Live-in (average 45–50 hours, $400–$600 weekly)
Live-out (average 40–45 hours, $500–$700 weekly)


Live-out nannies often work 8 to 10 hour days; however, if they are to stay longer than these agreed upon hours then they should be compensated for this extra work. It is standard to pay overtime on any hours over 40 per week.

Nightly babysitting, for example, should not simply be assumed but should be offered to a nanny who has the right to refuse these extra hours or accept them for extra pay. The hours worked per day or week should be agreed upon by the nanny and parents.

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