Part-time Nannies

If you think you want to hire a part-time nanny, you should be willing to look at both the pros and cons involved.

Part-time nannies often have several jobs to fill up their schedule. Their schedules are often less flexible because they may have other nanny jobs, have families and children of their own to look after between part-time jobs, or they are students who work part-time for extra income.

A part-time nanny generally works under 25 hours per week. That will definitely be convenient for you if you work part-time yourself, or if you need someone to take the kids off your hands while you are pursuing other goals and activities, either inside or outside the home.

Nannies are generally used to being left alone with children and are skilled in providing structured care without your specific instructions each day, so you will be able to spend time inside or outside your home while the nanny makes sure that the children are occupied.

Part-time nannies need reliable schedules. After all, they need to fit this part-time job into a busy schedule of their own. Nannies who work part-time usually do it because they can only work on certain days and times and only a certain number of hours per week. Because of this, you will need to spend a little more time searching to find the right match for your lifestyle than if you were hiring a full-time nanny. Part-time nannies generally want to work a minimum of 4 hours at any one time and a minimum of 4-24 hours per week.

If you want a nanny who can change plans immediately when you call home to say you will be late, then a part-time nanny is probably not for you. But don’t fret, Total Care Staffing does have temporary nannies that can help in those situations.

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